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Our Philosophy on Healing:

The body is constantly being bombarded by stressors such as trauma, toxins and thoughts. These repetitive stressors create biological imbalances and eventually build to a noticeable level or remain dangerously silent.

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The stressors may silently be creating mechanical, chemical, electrical, biological or emotional weaknesses which may go undetected by the lack of symptoms or by medical examination and testing. With time, precious human function then becomes weakened, affecting organs, nerves, muscles, bones, or altered body chemistry.

This pathway of imbalance causes discomfort, dis-ease and possibly disease. But there is hope. Get a second or third opinion. Remove these toxic interferences (barriers to the healing process), then start the healing process. For example, if your house is on "Fire" You don't call the " Lumber yard." You call the "Fire Dept" put the fire out first, then "Rebuild"!! Our health is the same.

Again, for healing to take place these toxic interferences need to be properly and thoroughly removed and then the affected systems strengthen by natural means.

As with anything of value in our lives, our bodies also need proper care and attention. Make sure you are in proper biological balance so you may enjoy your family, daily activities and work. Be pro-active. Be diligent. Be properly informed about the required maintenance our bodies need to live life to its fullest. It will be one of the best things you have done for yourself and those who love you. Your experience should be fun and educational.

Our office provides natural and effective care in a friendly environment. Expect the best.



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