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(Dr. Fred Ulan the originator of Nutrition Response Testing)

Nutrition Response Testing ℠

Nutrition Response Testing locates the "missing piece" in the recovery from a unchanging health condition. This advanced applied Kinesiology procedure addresses nutritional and enviornmental factors which are suppressing the body's ability to create wellness.

Once freed of inhibiting factors the body is capable of alleviating:

• Chronic physical illness

• Behavior phenomena mis-labled as psychiatric disorders "ADD" and "ADHD"

• Fatigue, depression, anxiety, constipation, insomnia, digestive problems, weight issues, hot flashes, and the spectrum of suboptimal health conditions

Nutritional imbalance, allergy, and toxic poisoning can act as harmful stress producing agents that adversely affect a body's innate ability to regenerate health.

Unidentified and unhandled, these and other "stressors" can act as a short-circuit to the body's ability to heal weak or diseased bodily organs or particular area in the body.

Nutrition Response Testing isolates this suppression to the bodies system which in many cases has has held a debilitating health condition in place for years.

When a healthy condition exists the bodies systems are in balance and functioning properly.

When imbalance exists, however, symptoms such as allergies, chronic painfatigue, headaches, migrainesweight gain can manifest and persist. Nutrition Response Testing identifies and address those factors creating imbalance, allowing your body to restore health. Your personalized health improvement program, often includes whole food supplements, herbs, dietary and lifestyle changes.

Conditions addressed and Handled by Nutrition Response Testing

If you have tried and failed to handle allergies, chronic painfatigueheadaches, migraines,weight gain, episodic infections (ear, bladder, respiratory, prostate), Acid Reflux, PMS, menopausal symptoms , then get a Nutrition Response Testing evaluation. There is a reason you can't get well. Nutrition Response Testing can find the 'missing piece' preventing your recovery.


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